Among Millennial Voters, Trump Is Actually In Third Place

The wisdom of youth.

Please don’t let older folks say that millennials are a stupid generation ever again.

A new Pew poll released a few days ago showed that Donald Trump is actually in third place among millennial voters behind Hillary Clinton and Gary Johnson.

When millennials were asked who they would support between the three main candidates for President, they spilt in the following way:

Clinton: 47%
Johnson: 22%
Trump: 21%

However, young people are not happy with their choices.

From the poll:

“Nearly three-quarters of voters younger than 30 (74%) say they have given quite a lot of thought to the election, which is higher than at this point in 2012 (59%). But only about a quarter of young people (23%) are satisfied with their choices for president. At this point in both 2012 and 2008, more than twice as many voters younger than 30 said they were satisfied with their candidate choices (60% in 2012, 68% in 2008).

In addition to Pew’s findings, another poll from Quinnipiac University showed something similar among voters between the ages of 18 to 34:

Clinton: 44%
Trump: 21%
Johnson: 12%
Stein: 10%

While we are not happy, at least we aren’t falling for the racist campaign of Trump like so many of our parents and grandparents are.

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