Top Golf Proves To Be A Hit In Miami

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-Top Golf opened its first South Florida location late last year in Miami Gardens. 

-The massive facility has proven to be a hit with locals who want a twist on a classic game. 

-The company says that over 500 people work at the location, which is located near the Golden Glades Interchange. 

-Over a 10 year period, the Miami Gardens location is expected to have a $25 million economic impact on the region. 


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VIDEO: 14 Year Old Tiger Woods Talks Poignantly About Race And Golf

With Tiger Woods in the throes of a major slump, it is sometimes hard to remember how incredible and important he has been for the game of golf.

With few exceptions, Woods has also been a model citizen and a somewhat bland sports star, careful and guarded in public life.

But he is also probably the greatest golfer of his generation (perhaps ever) and without a doubt the most successful African-American golfer of all time. That latter fact about his skin color is dismissed by some in the Obama era as non important. But golf is still a segregated sport in many parts of the country, due to a slew of reasons.

An amazing video that was posted online in 2013 by Trans World Sport shows what a young Tiger Woods thought about race and golf in 1990.

At just 14 years old, Woods was already seen as a future star of the game and judging by the tape, it is also clear that he understood how important his presence on the world stage would be for African-Americans across the country.

H/T: USA Today

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