21-Year Old Dylan Ifergane Takes Fashion World By Storm

Before Dylan Ifergane was an internationally renowned fashion designer, he coordinated some of the largest and most exclusive house parties, art expositions and warehouse mini-festivals in South Florida.

All before his 22nd birthday. At 21-years-old, Ifergane is the lead designer and founder of Scandal fashion house.

“I consider my designs a marriage of high-end style, effortless chic, and real-life wearability.”

In the last four years, over 500,000 of Ifergane’s Italian-made designs have been worn and bought. Working with brands like Nordstrom and Macy’s, Scandal was listed as one of the top 100 growing fashion companies in the U.S., winning multiple design awards, prompting Ifergane’s hopes to open up Scandal franchises in California, Texas and Florida.

“Scandal and my designs are a mixture of what sells and what I love,” Ifergane said. “I consider my designs a marriage of high-end style, effortless chic, and real-life wearability.”

At the start of his career, Ifergane rented out venues in Miami, throwing lavish parties–his last party hosting boasting over four thousand attendees. His presence left an impact in the city, and he began receiving offers from a few nightclubs in the area.

Ifergane was part of the senior staff founders of Miami nightclub ‘Amnesia’, now known as STORY. As Ifergane got involved with the upper echelons of the nightclub industry, He began talent buying for almost every major night club in Europe. Talent buying is the business of booking artists for nightclubs who would otherwise not have the connection to do so. Ifergane booked the likes of David Guetta and Swedish House Mafia, growing personal relationships with some of the most talented musicians worldwide. Soon, his network expanded to the fashion world.

“I quickly realized that many of the fashion pieces that dazzled on the runway were completely unwearable, and that ready-to-wear versions often sacrificed their original artistic edge in favor of ‘fast fashion’ mass appeal.”Ifergane said.

As of now, Scandal has been sold to 750 stores internationally, branching out in international markets of Canada, Mexico, Australia, New Zealand and Korea. Ifergane recently returned to his home in Los Angeles from attending New York Fashion Week. At NYFW, Scandal showcased on runways alongside top tier designers like Givenchy, to more accessible brands like Free People.

Ifergane said he didn’t expect Scandal to reach the international acclaim it has today.

“ I started this thinking it was going to stay a one or two-year project,” Ifergane said. “I thought I would’ve failed because I opened up during recession, which was the worst possible moment because people were cutting back on things that weren’t necessities. I was quite surprised that it took off so quickly.”

Screen Shot 2015-09-28 at 4.30.54 PM

Ifergane relayed advice for up and coming fashion designers trying to break into the industry.

“Be careful with who you share things with,” Ifergane said. “We live in a predatory world in which people hunt for anything you give them. Be extremely careful, work hard. In a over-saturated industry like fashion, make sure you aim at making your designs and overall concept as unique and diverse as possible, and target a clientele that would wear your designs.”

You can learn more by visiting www.SHOPSCANDAL.COM

Photos: Dylan Ifergane

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