Exclusive: Man Claims That South Carolina McDonald’s Served Him With Moldy Cup

In an exclusive interview with Rise News, the man behind a viral Facebook post claiming that a South Carolina McDonald’s served him a moldy tea, stood by his comments even as the fast food giant seemed to reject his claims.

Brandon Benjamin posted to Facebook on September 1 that he had purchased a meal the night before at a McDonald’s located at 2390 Chestnut St in Orangeburg, SC. His message was colorful and quickly went viral:

“STOP eating McDonald’s and getting they’re [sic] tea. I went to McDonald’s last night and got myself a McChicken and peach cream pie with a $1 tea. I left my tea in the fridge thinking it’ll be alright tomorrow. I was ABSOLUTELY DISGUESTED [sic] with what I found in my cup. After taking 2 sips, it didn’t taste right at all. I poured out the tea and found this!!!!!!,” Benjamin wrote describing the photos he posted with the message.


In both a phone interview and in a Facebook message conversation, Benjamin stood by his comments and said that he was shocked by what he said was in his cup.

“Mold, gunk, bacteria was stuck alongside the inside of the cup,” Benjamin said. “I began to feel sick to my stomach after seeing what I took two large sips of.”

Benjamin also said that he was experiencing stomach issues that he believes to be related to the alleged moldy cup.

“There was quite a nasty smell- it was really horrible,” Benjamin said.

He also said that he was a longtime customer of that particular McDonald’s as it is close to his place of employment.

“This is my main location [McDonald’s] and they know who I am there,” Benjamin told Rise News. “I went through the drive-through. I went home and the tea tasted a little bitter on the drive there.”


Benjamin said that he has kept the cup as “evidence” and that he would be willing to take a lie detector test if asked to prove his level of truthfulness.

Rise News‘ request for comment to McDonald’s was forwarded to a public relations firm who provided a statement from the local owner and operator of the Orangeburg location in question.

“Operating a safe and clean restaurant for our customers is a top priority, and we take any complaints very seriously,” store owner Emory Main said. “When the customer returned to the restaurant the day after his purchase and brought it to our attention, our subsequent review of our equipment and operations lent no support to the customer’s allegations. We continually review our comprehensive operations to ensure our customers have the best restaurant and food experience.”

Benjamin said that he had in fact returned to the store to show the on call manager the cup.

“They offered me another tea and a free meal, which disgusted me,” Benjamin said.

“This could happen to anyone else. My family has talked to me about getting a lawyer which I may do,” Benjamin said.

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Photo Credit: Brandon Benjamin/Facebook

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5 comments on Exclusive: Man Claims That South Carolina McDonald’s Served Him With Moldy Cup

  1. shelly says:

    Oh my gosh you are so dramatic its not that big of a deal. Did you die? Like seriously dude. People find shit wrong with their food all the time whether it be from McDonalds or Ruth Chris. It was an accident, things happen. You’re blowing things way out if proportion for a little 15 minutes of fame. Get a life and stop worrying so much about power rangers something a grown ass man should not be doing maybe that’s why you can’t find a decent girl.

  2. shelly says:

    Seems to me like he’s a little drama queen. I mean is it really that serious? People find something wrong with their food or drinks everyday whether it be from McDonald’s or Ruth Chris, it was an accident. Let McDonalds know so they can fix it and go on about your business but instead you choose to want this to go viral.. But for what? What are you gaining from it? ATTENTION that nobody will give you that’s all. Maybe if you’d put the power rangers down you could find a decent girl but no girl wants a grown ass man who still plays with power rangers. Did you die from this experience? Okay then suck it up, grow some balls, and move on, stop acting like a pussy. This entire ordeal is absurd.

  3. Mrs Hearon says:

    He could of died idiot.. yall are so easy to defend and protect these multi-billion dollar companies though..it’s sad the way yall view things…he never said anything about money or anything…but some employees get away with doing careless work and covering it up with a extra fry or free meal…smh

  4. Amber Marie says:

    So you mean to tell me MOLD is not a BIG deal ?????? You people are sick to think thats okay…. And more sick to say stop complaining aboutt it… . idk if i took two big sips of mold i would be heated …. And I surely would make a call to McDonalds …

  5. john says:

    Shelly ppl like you give me a headache stfu plz…..this is very serious…..i have received disgusting stuff too from restaurants and i never reported them….now i will b.c im inspired by the actions this man took……

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