Millennials Rejoice: McDonald’s Will Now Serve Breakfast All Day

By Allyn Farach

Your quest for an Egg McMuffin just got a lot easier. McDonald’s announced that it would start serving breakfast all day throughout the United States.

“All Day Breakfast is the number one request we hear from customers,” McDonald’s spokeswoman Lisa McComb said in a press statement. “In fact, More than 120,000 people tweeted McDonald’s asking for breakfast throughout the day in the past year alone. We’re excited to make this dream a reality this year.”

The program went into effect last year at select chains to test how well all day breakfast would sell. Safety issues were also considered, as issues of grill space for both breakfast and lunch menu options were tested. McDonald’s added a rolling cart for eggs to ease workers with the transition.

Some menu options were also removed from the original breakfast menu to make room for lunch options as well. The announcement comes after news that McDonald’s has been doing badly in previous quarters, which led to the closing of several McDonald’s chains across the United States.

In response to such, McDonald’s President Mike Andres told USA Today that “The turnarounds we have seen in the past, both in the U.S. and around the world, there always is a catalyst that starts the turnaround…We believe that all-day breakfast could be the next big thing.”

Cover Photo Credit: Mike Mozart/Flickr (CC by 2.0)

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