Miami Can’t Spell Signs Too Good

Via Rise Miami News:

File this one in the “not that much of a shock” category.

An eagle-eyed South Florida resident happened upon this misspelled street sign in south Miami-Dade County and it is pretty funny.

Rose Reeder said that she has driven past the intersection and noticed the incorrectly spelled Eurkea Drive sign for the past few weeks. The name of the road is really Eureka Drive. (As in “we found it”).

The misspelling finally bugged Reeder enough yesterday for her to stop her car and snap a few pics of the sign. She then posted it on Facebook.

“Someone did not check like they should have,” Reeder said of the oversight. 

Reeder also said that a county employee saw her Facebook post and forwarded it the Public Works department.

We’ll let you know when (if) the county does anything about it.

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Photo Credit: Rose Reeder

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