You Are Now More Likely To Die Of Selfies Than Shark Attacks

More people have died taking selfies than in shark attacks in the past year, according to  The Telegraph and Mashable.

A record number of twelve people have died from various selfie related activities this year, such as posing with dangerous animals or loaded guns, compared to the eight people who died by shark attacks.

It has gotten so bad in places such as Russia, that the government has taken to issuing warnings to not take selfies on ledges or near moving vehicles.

In the United States, park rangers at Yellowstone National Park have started warning tourists to not pose with animals after five people have been gored by buffalo.

Most of the people that met a gory end via selfie were between the ages of 18 to 22. These tragic deaths have included taking selfies with wild animals, taking selfies from a great height, taking selfies with weapons, or taking selfies near moving machinery.

Be safe while you selfie.

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Cover Photo Credit: Koshy Koshy/Flick (CC By 2.0)

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