Breaking: Ben Fields Fired From Richland County Sheriff’s Department

Update: 12:22 PM EST

Richland County Sheriff Leon Lott announced the firing of school resource officer Ben Fields after determining that he violated proper protocol while arresting a student in a South Carolina High School.

Lott made the announcement at a press conference in Columbia Wednesday afternoon.

Lott made it clear that he believed that the student in the now viral video caused the incident to occur in the first place. He also said that Fields was justified in arresting her for her disruptive behavior but that he crossed a line when he used non standard techniques to bring her into custody.

“I do not feel that the proper procedures were used at that point,” Lott said. “The maneuver that he used was not acceptable.”

Lott also said that he told his own daughter (who is in the 7th grade) that police officers are people too who sometimes make mistakes.

“He should not have thrown the student,” Lott said. “He was not trained to throw that student.”

More to come. Stay with Rise News for more as we cover this developing story. 


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