Exclusive: Aaron Parker Is The Next Big Thing in Country Music

By Corrin Mason

Named one of the Huffington Post’s 15 Country Artists to Watch in 2015 and inducted into Country Music’s #CMchat’s exclusive One to Watch club, Alabama native Aaron Parker is making waves in Nashville following the release of his first EP and the beginning of his fall tour last month. Aaron’s music truly captures the nostalgia and romanticism of the rural south with songs like “Dust and Diesel,” “Homesick,” and “Heaven on Wheels” that strike a chord with all those who have grown up on a farm, surrounded by fields. And that’s exactly how Aaron grew up; his music is honest.

“My brand of country music is tall grass grown up next to rusted out 1980 Z28 Camaro, it’s a big sky, good friends, good tequila, church on Sunday, not being afraid to be who you are, and loving your people,” Parker said in an interview with Rise News. 


Although his career has taken him off to Music City, Aaron says city life hasn’t changed him. “I try not to ‘adjust’ to city life but I do love the town with my whole heart,” Parker said.

“Im just more about forever, less about tonight.”

He still misses watching the “Sunset on a familiar tree line” amongst other things back home, but Aaron says there’s a lot to love about Nashville, too. 

​ “I love the energy, the work, the food is amazing, the people are super laid back and love to create and collaborate. It’s a maker’s town.”​

And Aaron is definitely a maker. His work is true country, and his genius is evident in his thoughts on the country scene and music altogether.

“You’re witnessing an evolution in my music and in music in general, with Spotify and other streaming sites available its opening the hearts of artists to create; not just genre specific music, but the music their heart wants to make and to let the public be the judge. Someone in manhattan can find that country song of mine that speaks to them and they give me permission to live in their life for three minutes per day. That’s an honor. So my place in modern country music isn’t as important to me as my place in ‘Music’ as a whole.”

It’s this combination of old-time nostalgia and forward thinking that makes Aaron really special. He pays homage to the greats before him while incorporating new ideas. He’s realized the opportunity of making music in the modern era; the opportunity to reach a wider audience than ever before and to share his passion with the whole world. Aaron Parker’s country isn’t just for those who grew up in the south, it’s for everyone. 

“Im just more about forever, less about tonight which I guess isn’t [just] country, because everyone wants to fall in love, everyone wants to find that someone, everyone wants to have a great time on the weekends, forget about their troubles, drink a little, or a lot, and everyone loves their mom, I love my mom, so I sing about it. ”

And that evolution he mentioned earlier is especially interesting. 

“On the evolution of my music, I can just say this first EP is a milestone and 1 chapter in a book, and it’s a LONG book.”

The future for Aaron and his music is truly exciting – Aaron has done something wonderfully artistic for his fans, who he loves dearly. 

”They are all great, anytime anyone comes to see me at the end of the night I can’t hold back a smile. I love them. They always stay till the lights come on or someone makes them leave. They’re my style.”

He’s given his fans all a metaphorical front row seat to watch as he reveals the massive art project that is his music little by little. We are all spectators as this story, this evolution, unfolds. With his fall tour in full swing, that front row seat doesn’t have to be metaphorical, either. Catch at least one show this season because with an artist like Parker, you’re going to want to be able to say, “I was there when…”

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