Here’s The 10 Best Cities In America for Millennial Foodies

Being a foodie in 2015 can be an expensive hobby for anyone. As exciting as shrimp and lobster risotto sounds, your bank account may quickly remind you to calm down.

Thanks to Wallethub’s list of the most expensive/cheapest cities to be a foodie and Forbes’ best cities for millennials, we have created the top 10 cities to be a millennial foodie in America.

Check to see if your town made the list below:

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1. Austin, Texas

Austin is a great place for anyone who is young, ambitious, and adventurous. With a great economy, the city bustles with students and young adults who are just starting out in life. While the hipsters of this town love to indulge in the Tex-Mex meals that began in that region, it’s an ever growing city that provides dining experiences for all tastes alike.

Percent of Population Age 25-34: 21.2%
Food Affordability: 1/150
Diversity, Accessibility & Quality Rank: 29/150

2. San Francisco, California

San Francisco’s eclectic and unique style, make it a great spot to try different cuisines. SanFran is known for their great wines and new flavors, but tends to be a little pricey for the average diner.

Percent of Population Age 25-34: 21.5%
Food Affordability: 101/150
Diversity, Accessibility & Quality Rank: 1/150

 3.Houston, Texas

Houston’s greatest accomplishment thus far is the Queen Bey herself, but even she may be overshadowed by the influx of foodies finding making their way to this buzzing hive. Although in the past, Houston has been know for it’s business nature, it’s becoming a place where millennials are starting to appear which may be accredited to the affordability of the city. Foodies who flock here will be indulging on many different Southern American traditions like brunch and barbeque.

Percent of Population Age 25-34: 15%
Food Affordability: 2/150
Diversity, Accessibility & Quality Rank: 97/150

4. Denver, Colorado

Denver is another city who boasts a high level of millennials. It’s a place that’s appealing to many socioeconomic, cultural and political backgrounds, making it an easy choice for budding millennial minds. And there’s more to try there, other than just their pot brownies! Denver is known for their many different breweries, each with their own twist on beer, who also have wonderful dining experiences

Percent of Population Age 25-34: 21.2%
Food Affordability: 5/150
Diversity, Accessibility & Quality Rank: 22/150

5. Seattle, Washington

Many millennial start as tourists of this city before calling it home! The famous fish market isn’t all that Seattle has to offer. Seattle is known for its various fresh markets, their coffee and all their gourmet foods in between.

Percent of Population Age 25-34: 24.1%
Food Affordability: 44/150
Diversity, Accessibility & Quality Rank: 6/150

6.Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

Thanks to Pittsburgh’s transition from industrial to technological, it is slowly starting to become a hub for millennials. With tech companies like Google taking interest, city needs to stay trendy and up to date in everything that it does- including it’s cuisine. Here there will be a little taste of everything from farm to table to chemistry filled mixology. There’s something for everyone in this town.

Percent of Population Age 25-34: 18.1%
Food Affordability: 38/150
Diversity, Accessibility & Quality Rank: 16/150

7. Minneapolis, Minnesota

Minneapolis is the sport of Midwestern millennials. While the city isn’t the premiere sport for adventure, many find it attractive for just the opposite reason. Its calm and quiet community is enticing to many millennials and the food matches the atmosphere! Here you’ll find many different takes on traditional American cuisine. Lots of farm to table and earthy tones.

Percent of Population Age 25-34: 21.3%
Food Affordability: 37/150
Diversity, Accessibility & Quality Rank: 41/150

8.Chicago, Illinois

Chi-Town’s diverse population mixed with their ever popular culture creates an atmosphere that attracts people of all ages. Although it may be slightly pricier to live, which is why many live just on the outskirts in suburbia, it’s culture draws people in everyday. Not only is Chicago known for it’s famous deep dish pies, but it’s becoming a force with other dishes like steaks and their bar scene is unparalleled.

Percent of Population Age 25-34: 19.1%
Food Affordability: 56/150
Diversity, Accessibility & Quality Rank: 71/150

9.New York, New York

The Big Apple is a dream come true for any millennial or foodie, the terms aren’t mutually exclusive. It’s a great city to try any and everything because it’s so culturally diverse.

Percent of Population Age 25-34: 17.3%
Food Affordability: 84/150
Diversity, Accessibility & Quality Rank: 26/150

10. Washington, D.C.

Washington D.C. is the prime location for any millennial. The diverse cultures and backgrounds of people create a whirlwind of amazing experiences that aren’t offered anywhere else in the country. There’s not a food option you can’t try in this city, whether you want an elegant seafood dining experience on the Potomac River, a delicious food truck in Southeast or maybe you want to check out one of POTUS’s favorite burger joints, there’s something for everyone. It’s one drawback, is that it is an expensive town. With more than 50% of their population holding a bachelor’s degree, it definitely costs a pretty penny to live here, but many young adults find their way here as either interns in the city or just a few miles outside the city in suburban neighborhoods.

Percent of Population Age 25-34: 21.5%
Food Affordability: 53/150
Diversity, Accessibility & Quality Rank: 28/150

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