John Oliver Brings Americans Up To Speed On Today’s Canadian Election, Bashes Stephen Harper

While most Americans probably have no idea that there is a very important election going on in Canada today, John Oliver took to the air last night to try to bring us all up to speed.

And it was pretty hilarious.

Oliver made it clear that current Prime Minister and Conservative Party leader Stephen Harper is unfit for another term in office because of his regressive policies regarding minority rights and marijuana use among other things.

And while he poked fun at the two other main candidates for Prime Minister, Oliver saved his most devastating scorn for the current leader of the country.

If you are in a time crunch, we recommend jumping ahead to the 13:20 mark so you can see a really funny cameo from Mike Myers. Let’s just say that he touches on a certain landmark moment.

Watch: John Oliver begs Canada not to vote for Stephen Harper again. 


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Photo Credit: Screenshot/ Youtube (HBO)

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