Liberal Takeover: LIVE Canada Election Night Results 2015

Rise News will be covering results as they come in across Canada throughout the night.

The nation is deciding on 338 ridings (districts) and a party needs 170 elected members in order to win an outright majority.

Polls on the Western side of the nation are still open until 10 PM EST.

9:45 EST: The CBC is projecting that the Liberal Party will ride to power and that Justin Trudeau will be the next prime minister. 234 ridings are still outstanding.

9:00 EST: Early results show that the Liberal Party is outperforming expectations and is making tremendous gains on in the Atlantic Canada region.

There is speculation that a Liberal wave may be developing and that voters have come together to ensure that Prime Minister Stephen Harper and his Conservative Party are kept out of office after ten years of holding power.

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Photo Credit: Alex Indigo/ Flickr (CC By 2.0)

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