LIVE Coverage: Ole Miss Student Senate Votes To Remove State Flag From Campus

This is live coverage of a meeting of the student senate of the University of Mississippi where the body will decide whether to pass a resolution supporting the removal of the state flag (which contains the Confederate battle flag) from campus.

For more context, read this: Ole Miss Students Want To Take Down Racist Mississippi State Flag

10:35 PM EST- Ole Miss student senate votes to remove state flag from campus by a vote of 33-15-1.

10:28 PM EST- Motion to have a roll call vote fails.

10:27 PM EST- Debate ends.

9:18 PM EST- Watch the Senate Debate here

9:11 PM EST- So its sort of a tough debate.

  8:58 PM EST- 30 minutes for debate starts now. 8:54 PM EST- Student Senator Andrew Soper started a petition opposing the resolution. Over 500 people signed on to it. 8:45 PM EST- Motion to extend debate has passed. Debate will continue for 10 more minutes according to the Daily Mississippian. 8:43 PM EST- Greek student senators indicate hostility to resolution.

  8:31 PM EST- Vote moves closer. Authors of the resolution are now being questioned for the next 15 minutes.

8:24 PM EST- Read the resolution up for debate tonight below: 12122694_10206519420057022_9087417546880341505_n

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