So You Want To Send Some Amazon Packages To Croatia? That Will Be $1 Million

David Beslic just wanted to send a few items back to family in his native Croatia from his home in Toronto.

So he went to Amazon, purchased what he wanted (A blender, one laptop case and two keyboard covers) and listed an Croatian address as the place of delivery.

Sounds simple enough in this ever connected globalized economy. Nothing that Amazon can’t handle.

Yeah, not so much.


Yep. The shipping and handling was 1,000,000 for the four items that only cost $59.96.

Beslic took his surprise and frustration to Facebook where a friend of his who works for Amazon became aware of the situation. The friend is apparently bringing it to the attention of higher ups at the company.

Beslic, a regular Amazon customer is taking it all in stride however.
“It would be more I guess if [I were] not a regular customer,” Beslic said. “A billion or so.”

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Photo Credit: David Beslic/ Facebook

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