This Might Be The Greatest Halloween Costume This Year

Halloween is one of the few times of the year where you actually are encouraged to dress your kids up in outfits that may come back to embarrass them later in life.

But the costume that Royce Hutain, the owner of Glowy Zoey, a California LED costume company made for his daughter Zoey is pretty amazing and totally not embarrassing.

I mean seriously. Watch this:

“I had the idea in my head, a brainstorm if you will, and then went to a few stores to pick up what I needed,” Hutain told ABC News via email. “I was inspired to make an El Niño costume because that’s all we’ve been hearing about in California lately.”

Didn’t have enough?

Yeah. Maybe you should rethink that tinfoil hat astronaut costume and get out the PVC pipe and power tools parents.

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Cover Photo Credit: Glowy Zoey/ Youtube (Screenshot)

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