Unholy Toledo: GOP Candidate For Mayor Starts Speaking In Tongues At Local Radio Station

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But first, let’s set the stage.

Opal Covey is a 75-year-old Toledo resident who has become a fixture in the northwestern Ohio community. (Opal Covey also sounds like a law firm that specializes in a sad sort of construction law.)

Oh course she’s a fixture because she is constantly talking about why she believes that God told her that she will be mayor one day.


“In 2000, the Lord spoke to me and said, ‘you’re going to be mayor’,” Covey told NBC 24. “So, I know I have to keep on running until that happens.”

Covey has run for mayor of the city four times before, but has never garnered more than 400 votes.

In her 2015 campaign, Covey decided to stop by local radio station, 1370 WSPD. After an interview, host Fred LeFebvre and Covey had quite the conversation in a hallway at the station. Luckily for us all, it was recorded.

Things start to go downhill around the 1:00 mark of the video after LeFebvre calls Covey a “false prophet” for not winning elect before.

We’d hate to spoil the rest.

Watch: Candidate For Toledo Mayor Speaks In Tongues 

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Photo Credit: Screenshot/ 1370 WSPD Video

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