VIDEO: Clemson Tiger Fan Launches Into Racist, Homophobic Attack On Miami, Before College Football Game

Update: With the Miami Hurricanes set to play the Clemson Tigers in the ACC Championship game on Dec. 2, this story has started to go viral. It is worth noting that this piece was originally published on October 21, 2015 in the run-up to the regular season UM-Clemson matchup that season. But clearly the increased interest in this article shows that fans on both sides of this matchup are going to be fired up for the ACC Championship. 

Original Story: 

The UM- Clemson “rivalry” doesn’t really exist. The ‘Canes and Tigers are on opposite sides of the ACC and rarely play each other.

But the Miami Hurricanes may have a little more bulletin board material than usual for the game upcoming on Saturday.

A Clemson fan going by the name of SAVAGE TIGERR on Youtube posted and then deleted a racist and homophobic video attacking South Florida in preparation for the game.

The video was saved and then published on a popular Facebook page run by Miami based film director and massive Hurricane fan Billy Corben.

The video below is very NSFW and contains very strong language:

Racist Homophobic Clemson Tigers Fan Rants Against Miami, Mexicans and Homosexuals (WARNING: STRONG LANGUAGE) — uploaded and deleted by YouTube user SAVAGE TIGERR

Posted by The U on Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Video/Photo Credit: Billy Corben/ “The U” on Facebook

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