Amazon Just Opened Up A Physical Bookstore In Seattle, Confusing Pretty Much Everyone

Amazon, the massive online retailer has just recently opened their own brick and mortar book store in Seattle called Amazon Books according to The Seattle Times.

The physical store has roughly over 5000 books and 15 employees to run the place. But why would Amazon need such a thing? Especially considering that their entire business model is based on avoiding the overhead of an actual store.

From The Seattle Times:

“There is some irony in Amazon’s opening a physical store. For years, it could undercut physical retailers on price because it didn’t have brick-and-mortar locations. But those stores offered something Amazon couldn’t: the instant gratification of owning an item the second it was purchased, as well as the personal touch of a knowledgeable sales clerk.

Amazon is betting that the troves of data it generates from shopping patterns on its website will give it advantages in its retail location that other bookstores can’t match. It will use data to pick titles that will most appeal to Seattle shoppers.”

VICE reports that the store will also be trying something innovative in the way that it presents books.

From VICE:

“Every single copy it carries will face out, as opposed to being lined up spines-out on shelves as bookstores generally do. Each title bears a card with either a review or a rating from a customer, and the books cost just as much online as they do in-store.”

Jennifer Cast, vice president of Amazon Books says that the store will use data and technology to make the store different that most.

“It’s data with heart,” Cast told The Seattle Times. “We’re taking the data we have and we’re creating physical places with it.”

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Cover Photo Credit: Garrett/ Flickr (CC By 2.0)
Correction: This story has been updated due to a grammatical error.

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