Doctors Charter School Executive Director Nick Dorn Resigns


Nick Dorn, the Executive Director of Doctors Charter School in Miami Shores has announced that he will be stepping down in January after his wife accepted a new position at a Kansas City area Presbyterian Church.

Dorn made the announcement moments ago at a regularly scheduled DCS board meeting.

“Regretfully at this time, I am giving the board of directors my 60 day notice,” Dorn said. “It will be bittersweet to leave the DCS community where I was born and raised.

“I struggle with it because I’m a committed project guy. But I’m married to my wife, not married to the school.”

“On January 19th, I will be moving with my wife of one year to her city of call in Kansas City,” Dorn said.

“Thank you very much for all you’ve done for this school,” Dr. Chester Morris, a DCS board member said to Dorn. “I think there was a period of time where it was a bit contagious. But we’ve come through it and you’ve done a terrific job. I will miss you.”

Daryl Gallo asked Dorn if he would consider staying until the end of the school year but Dorn said it was wasn’t on the table.

“I struggle with it because I’m a committed project guy. But I’m married to my wife, not married to the school,” Dorn said in reference to Gallo’s question. “This was definitely a hard decision for both of us. But she is amazing. She is a wave maker. You can’t direct the wind, you can only adjust your sails.”

Dorn, 37, has been in the position for a little over a year and grew up in Miami Shores.

The “Shores” as it is called by many natives, is a small enclave of roughly 10 thousand people- a suburban respite from the hustle and bustle of Downtown Miami.

After his graduation from Miami Country Day School, Dorn left his hometown for Gainesville, FL where he said that he received both undergraduate and graduate degrees from the University of Florida. He then worked out of the state for numerous years before coming back to take a job at a school in Boca Raton in 2009.

By 2014, Dorn was actively searching for his next step.

“I was working at a school in Boca Raton and I had always had aspirations to be a principal,” Dorn said in an interview with Rise News in June.

Shortly after beginning his search, Dorn said that he saw the opening for the executive director position at DCS. It was almost too perfect. His family still lived in the Shores and his fiancé was the associate pastor of Miami Shores Presbyterian Church.

Dorn also said that he liked what DCS stood for.

“I truly believed in its mission. It talks about a rigorous academic program,” Dorn said. “If Doctors Charter School had existed when I was kid, I probably would have gone here.”

DCS opened for classes in 2005 and is considered to be one of the best charter schools in Miami-Dade County.

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