Florida Condo Board Asks For Dog DNA To Punish Pooping Pooches

If you live in Florida and you own a pooch then this is for you or if you love strange Florida news (who doesn’t?). Pet owners at a Florida condominium complex received a interesting request from their landlords.

The management of the condominium wants every dog’s DNA. It seems some pet owners have allowed pets to poop on the property and haven’t cleaned it up. This new rule includes cats. Poop has even been found in elevators! By having the DNA of the pets they will catch whoever is letting pets poop freely all over the place.

Some residents are concerned about this new policy. They spoke with the Newsherald.com but said they are afraid to give their identities because they don’t want to get into trouble with the management. Here’s what one concerned resident told the Newsherald.com: “The majority of the board members do not live here. They visit randomly, as this is a second home for them,” one resident said. “As owners, they can vote and make rules, but this DNA tracking of the pets at the pet owner’s expense seems and feels over the top.”

Others aren’t upset about this new policy. They say this is for the benefit of the residents to have a clean property.

It has yet to be seen if all the resident will comply with this policy.


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