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The 8 leading Republican candidates for President have gathered in Milwaukee, WI for the fourth primary debate in the 2016 election campaign. The debate is hosted by Fox Business Channel and The Wall Street Journal.

Here at Rise News, we are following the action and giving it a millennial spin. So follow along with us as we factcheck, crack jokes and make observations.

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Live Bloggers:

CB- Chris Beacham
BP- Ben Preez
RR- Rich Robinson

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CB 11:21 PM:

How I think they did:

8) Trump
7) Bush
6) Carson
5) Fiorina
4) Kasich
3) Cruz
2) Rubio
1) Paul

RR 11:17 PM:

How I think they did:

8) Carson
7) Trump
6) Kasich
5) Fiorina
4) Bush
3) Cruz
2) Paul
1) Rubio

CB 11:12PM: Fiorina “Imagine a Clinton presidency.” Guy in audience yells “No!”

CB 11:08PM: Natural gas has  been useful, and the transition will take time. But there are many jobs in solar and wind too.

RR 11:06 PM: JEB! logic: Only protect the environment if you have the money. Otherwise, just screw it.

CB 11:06PM: Rand Paul is wrong on climate. Goal is to go to clean energy entirely.

RR 11:03 PM: Hell nah.

CB 11:02 PM: Yo Rich you wanna see Michael Bay’s Benghazi?

RR 11:01 PM: Is this debate over yet?

CB 11:00 PM: Rubio mentioned student debt. Barely. One of the biggest issues of this election.

RR 10:55 PM: That Kasich answer didn’t make any sense. It would only make sense if he supported bail outs in worst case scenarios. Obviously, he would by the way. All established GOPers would not like the economy run down a cliff because of a weird Ayn Rand fascination (unlike the others).

CB 10:53PM: Kasich wasn’t too clear. Wants to help people who invested in banks while also allowing big banks to fail? Can you separate the two?

RR 10:47 PM: Really like the way Kasich talked about a moral capitalism. Never really heard it talked like that before but it is a good message.

CB 10:45PM: Kasich talking about greed, the dark side of free enterprise, and needed regulation. Scores even more points with me tonight.

CB 10:44PM: Rubio, the government made them big because of NO regulation. Mostly under republican administrations
CB 10:42PM: And his brother’s policies are largely responsible for the dire economic conditions. 
CB 10:41 PM: Bush will not stand up to big banks.

RR 10:40 PM: JEB! says the economy will never fail on bad times ever again. Hooray!

CB 10:31 PM: Rand Paul: “I will not arm our enemies.” I love this guy. Unfortunately, it really is that simple.

CB 10:30PM: Rand Paul: “You can be strong and not be involved in every civil war int he world.” Couldn’t agree more.

CB 10:25 PM: Jeb Bush on foreign policy makes my toes curl.

RR 10:24 PM: JEB! got to step up his board game references. Letting Putin go into Syria not like Monopoly, more like Risk. #NothingButTheFacts

CB 10:21PM: Jeb Bush and Clinton agree with no fly zone in Syria.

RR: 10:15 PM: That Rand Paul slam was brutal. Trump really didn’t know what the trade deal is really about and Paul called him out. Ouch.


BP: 10:13 PM: Rand : “Hey Gerard, We might want to point out, China’s not part of this deal”

CB 10:12 PM: Trump speaking against TPP. Unique situation where GOP majority agrees with Obama. Sounds more like Bernie Sanders.

BP: 10:11 PM: Trump: “TPP is a horrible deal”

RR 10:09 PM: @CB: Military is always asking for more money. That is nature of the beast.

CB 10:07 PM: Without question, Rand Paul is the smartest GOP on foreign policy. Wish we could get more inot that in this debate.

BP: 10:06 PM: Rand Paul “I want a strong national defense, but I don’t want us to be bankrupt.”

CB 10:06 PM: Is military asking for more money?

CB 10:04 PM: Good for Rand!

CB 10:04 PM: Jeb “I’m going to fight as hard as I can to make sure Supergirl gives me a chance. And everyone a chance. This is about giving people opportunity.”

CB 10:02 PM: Jeb “I’m going to fight as hard as I can to make sure Supergirl gives me a chance. And everyone a chance. This is about giving people opportunity.”

RR 10:00 PM: Bush supporter’s real name is Reagan Love? GIVE ME A BREAK.

CB 9:59 PM: Interesting notes on Carson and economy Rich.

CB 9:59 PM: Would be funny if CNBC walks into the theater and just breaks the civility of this debate. As far as communicating ideas, this is a much better debate though

RR 9:59 PM: Ted Cruz just had an oops moment. Two mentions of Department of Commerce in his list of five departments he would cut. Politicians really have to stop listing off agencies they would cut. They never remember them all.

RR 9:57 PM: Can someone explain to me who collects taxes if we were to abolish the IRS? Who gives out business ID numbers? Who investigates tax related crimes?

BP 9:57 PM: Ted Cruz: “There are more words in the tax code than there are in The Bible!”

BP 9:56 PM: Rand: “I want a government really, really small. So small you could barely see it.”

BP 9:52 PM: More coffee please!

CB 9:52PM: Seems like Dr. Carson took a lighter dose of morphine tonight

RR 9:52 PM Ben Carson doesn’t seem to realize how much the American economy changed after 1913. Went from very stratified society to a more broad base middle class. Government policies and wealth redistribution had a tremendous amount to do with it.

BP 9:50 PM Btw a 30 second ad during this debate sold for $750,000. Not that bad. affordable.

RR 9:50 PM: Oh great, Michael Bay has turned Benghazi into modern day Alamo film.

CB 8:48 PM: Michael Bay’s Benghazi movie advertisement during the break. Coincidence?? Nah
CB 8:46 PM: Fox “What’s the alternative?” Good for them!
CB 8:45PM: Fiorina talking about her business career. Don’t-don’t go there.

BP 9:45 PM Fiorina: “Obamacare has to be repealed because it is failing.”RR 9:45 PM: No, Obamacare has helped drive down costs and many people have become insured as a result. Hard to judge it fully though since there has been little help from the state level in the majority of the country.

CB 9:44PM: Is Obamacare a failure? Just playing devil’s advocate.

CB 9:43PM: Cruz: “It’s offensive!” Says it again in a Homer Simpson impression.



BP 9:38 PM: Jeb: “Thank you Donald for allowing me to speak at the debate, I appreciate it. What a generous man you are.”

RR 9:37 PM: JEB! doing a lot more of that patented Bush lean tonight. He’s the decider. He he he. 

BP 9:36 PM: Trump to Kasich: “You should let Jeb speak.”

CB 9:35PM: Kasich bringing common sense to the immigration conversation.

CB 9:34PM: Kasich is on the money tonight. Very strong so far.

RR 9:34 PM: John “Amnesty” Kasich’s immigration plan: “Would somebody think of the children?!”

BP 9:33 PM: Trump: “If you don’t think a wall works, ask Israel.”

RR 9:31 PM: Chris, you need to get out of the liberal elite bubble you live in. #MakeAmericaGreatAgain

CB 9:30 PM: Dr. Carson: “I have no problem being vetted”, after complaining a week about being vetted. Clinton and Obama are totally scrutinized by the media. Obama had to leave his church in 2008 because of media scrutiny.

BP 9:29 PM Carson: “Thank you for not asking me what I said in the 10th grade. I appreciate that.”

RR 9:29 PM: That’s a gotcha question Neil Cavuto!

BP 9:24 PM: Rand Paul “If you want less income inequality move to a city with a Republican mayor or a state with a Republican governor.”

BP 9:24 PM: Agree.
CB 9:24PM: The lighting on this stage is pretty rough tonight. Everyone looks tired.

RR 9:23 PM: Carly hangs out with some depressing people yo. 

CB 9:22PM: Fiorina: “Big government creating big business called politics.”

RR 9:20 PM: JEB! alive.

BP 9:19 PM: Bush says he wants to repeal every rule Obama has made so far.

CB 9:19 PM: Jeb Bush is having an aggressive opening.


Cover Photo Credit: Kristopher Volkman/Flickr (CC By 2.0)

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