LIVE BLOG: Democratic Presidential Debate In Des Moines Iowa

Live from the campus of Drake University in Des Moines, Iowa the three leading candidates for the Democratic Presidential nomination are gathered for a debate hosted by CBS News.

Follow along with our live blog as we bring you the biggest news from the debate and some insight into what it all means.

Live Bloggers:

CB- Chris Beacham
JF- Jeffrey Fernandez
RR- Rich Robinson

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RR 11:02 PM: My rankings: 1. O’Malley 2. Clinton 3. Sanders

CB 10:55PM: I’m not into conspiracy but its easy to understand the views that DNC is rigging this for Clinton. Ranking for me is: 1. O’Malley 2. Clinton 3. Sanders
CB 10:53PM: DNC’s intentions really strange with this schedule. Ratings will be low tonight. 

RR 10:53 PM: This debate will fade from memory very quickly. Good for Hillary.

CB 10:53PM: I doubt there will be any post-debate coverage tonight because of events in Paris.

RR 10:52 PM: Liked Hillary’s closing. Wrapped it up with a nice bow and made it clear that she is still teflon.

CB 10:51PM: “Heard a lot about me in this debate”-Clinton. Oh please, give me a break. Cheap shot

CB 10:50PM: O’Malley was great but his closing statements are a little too rehearsed.
RR 10:50 PM: Subtle but O’Malley just looked at Clinton during closing when he mentioned the past and “divisive figures” of our past.
CB 10:49PM: Bernie Sanders on bipartisanship. Effective speech.

RR 10:47PM: @CB: I miss Jim Webb.

CB 10:47PM: Lincoln Chaffey randomly walks on the stage and just smiles at everyone in silence.

RR 10:46 PM: Clinton/ Trivalgo guy 2016

JF 10:41 PM: A single-payer system for healthcare is probably the best the solution to universal healthcare.

CB 10:40PM: @RR That makes sense. He probably does do it too much

CB 10:38PM: Free community college, and debt free college sounds reasonable. Clinton had best answer.

CB 10:37PM: O’Malley DID ALL OF IT. He’s looking very good tonight

RR 10:36 PM: @CB you mentioned this earlier but.. O’Malley constantly going back to Maryland record is bad advice he is getting. He should touch on it but stay in the future. Otherwise, it sounds like he is saying that “Maryland is a wonderland”, which we know is not true.

CB 10:35PM: Anytime people ask Bernie where the money will come from, he always goes” uh….”

CB 10:33PM: The question is: is campus activism justified? As long as reporters have their first amendment rights, which are not infringed upon by vultures like Melissa Click.

RR 10:31 PM: University of Missouri question! Amazing how big that story got. Not to gloat, but Rise News interviewed the leader of the protest movement a full week before national media caught on.

RR 10:29 PM: O’Malley said that BlackLivesMatters. That is a good soundbite for him.

JF 10:28 PM: Will the topic of Clinton’s email ever die down? Yes, asking questions about the scandal is important. But haven’t the questions already been answered?

RR 10:26 PM: @CB agreed. Waste of time.

CB 10:26PM: Okay, this e-mail moment is shopworn. Already happened at last debate.
CB 10:25PM: Atlantic City quip was a joke. They’re doing fine.

RR 10:24 PM: Sanders bashes “media” for twisting his words about whether he thinks that Clinton’s email scandal is a big deal. Not sure that is true Bernster.

CB 10:20PM: @RR At Disneyworld, Toontown is out. Kind of like Atlantic City after Trump.

RR 10:19 PM: @JF that was grade A website plugging by him.

JF 10:19 PM: Best donation advertising goes to Martin O’Malley

RR 10:19 PM: Wall Street. The most depressing section of Magic Kingdom.. other than that Toontown thing.

CB 10:18PM: Got to protect Main Street from Wall Street. If not, how else will you get to Cinderella Castle and Adventureland.

RR 10:18 PM: O’Malley trying to take away the Wall Street attack from Sanders as both label Clinton as “candidate of Wall Street.” Red meat for the Dem base.

RR 10:15 PM: Sanders trying to keep nice with Clinton but can’t help the attacks. Can someone say conflicted?

CB 10:15PM: Sanders making sure Clinton knows he’s not shouting at her. She took that after the last debate and shamelessly ran with it.

CB 10:14 PM: @JF There’s your attack on Clinton’s position changes.

RR 10:13 PM: Sanders attacking O’Malley on his record as Mayor of Baltimore in terms of safety. The opposition research is starting to bubble to the top.

RR 10:13 PM: O’Malley attacking Hillary and calling her “Annie Oakley” because of gun positions.

JF 10:12 PM: The candidates have made a drastic switch from occasionally supporting each other’s policies  in the previous debate to attacking one another.

CB 10:11 PM: Clinton: “92% of Americans think we need universal background check.” Lets get a background check on this statement.

RR 10:10 PM: The Wall Street back and forth the moment of the debate so far. Hillary stood her ground but she needs to get a better line than that 9/11 quip. Truth is that she will not have to talk about this after primary.

JF 10:06PM: Shouldn’t Hillary Clinton’s integrity be questioned considering the amount of times she’s changed her position?

CB 10:06PM: I don’t think Wall Street has been mentioned in the last two GOP debates…am I wrong?

RR 10:06 PM: Hillary using Wall Street 9/11 connection really dodges what Bernie was driving about.

RR 10:05 PM: Hillary strong on this rebut on Bernie.

CB 10:05PM: Great, here’s Hillary’s gender card.

CB 10:05PM: Glass Steagall…the hottest thing since Supergirl

JF 10:03PM Bernie Sanders response to Clinton’s economic plan: “It’s not good enough.”

RR 10:03 PM: Woah Bernie on the attack now. Says Hillary’s explanations to ties with Wall Street is not good enough.

CB 10:01PM: Wall Street 2: Bernie Never Sleeps. Unlike Carson

RR 10:00 PM: Welcome @JF to the second hour of the debate!

RR 9:59 PM: Alan Grayson, Dem candidate for Senate in Florida had an ad during the local slot in Miami market. Taking credit for getting Kevin McCarthy out of speaker race.

RR 9:55 PM: Hillary getting boxed out of some of these questions. Not sure it matters though.

CB 9:55PM: O’Malley to every question: “We did this”.

RR 9:49 PM: Always feel like Trivago guy is trying to flirt with me.

CB 9:49 PM: I really don’t like the Trivago commercial guy.

RR 9:48 PM: @CB Of course that is a big concern to be sure. But I think that ISIS will be able to get in the US one way or the other. We probably hurt ourselves more in the eyes of the world by not allowing people in.

CB 9:47PM: Just to clarify, I think we should take refugees. Number is debatable.

CB 9:47 PM: @RR On refugee response- Would you be worried of ISIS plants within that population? Screenings possibly insufficient?

RR 9:45 PM: Interestingly it is Hillary who is trying to poke Sanders and make their differences known. You would think it would be the other way around.

RR 9:44 PM: @CB: oh yeah. If Bama was playing right now, I would not be watching this.

CB 9:43PM: @RR Sanders kind of had a moment.

B 9:42PM: @RR The fact that it is late Saturday night without much promotion is a part of it.

RR 9:42 PM: @CB previous question: I think that 100,000 refugees would be a reasonable number. America is a big country that has the systems to make it work.

CB 9:41PM: O’Malley is strong tonight.

RR 9:38 PM: So far, no big moments in the debate. If it ended now, nobody would remember this happened tomorrow.

CB 9:37PM: Kind of wish they would stay on foreign policy. Should at least be half the debate. Last night calls for it.
CB 9:34PM: Can we just mention how ridiculous this DNC debate schedule is? Saturday night? After football?
CB 9:30PM: O’Malley very generous on Syrian refugee number. Says accept 65,000. With screenings. Thoughts RR?

RR 9:26 PM: The flubs on the “radical Islam” question has to due to with the fact that Democrats have the burden of being the party in power.

CB 9:25PM: Good for the moderator for pushing her on that.
CB 9:22PM: O’Malley insinuates “boots on the ground” is an offensive and inhumane term.

RR 9:22 PM: O’Malley coming across very strongly tonight. Presidential even.

CB 9:21PM: This is not Sanders’ strong suit. Reportedly one of his aides threw a fit because of the topic change of the debate.

CB 9:14 PM: Sanders: “Iraq War responsible for unraveling of Middle East and rise of Al Queda.”
CB 9:13 PM: Sanders: “Climate change is directly related to the growth of terrorism.”
RR: 9:12 PM Sanders using facts and science to tie climate change to the rise of terrorism will not be popular among some- especially on the right.
CB 9:09 PM: Clinton: “ISIS cannot be contained, it must be defeated.” Seems to contradict Obama’s comments yesterday.
CB 9:06 PM: Sanders has an underwhelming opening. Martin O’Malley’s is the strongest. 

CB 9:04 PM EST: After the events in Paris, tonight’s debate will focus on foreign policy. This will be interesting. Our hearts go out to the people in France.

Cover Photo Credit: David Wilson

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