Man Fixes Your Short Arm Selfie Problem In The Most Ridiculously Perfect Way Ever

By Sebastian Priestman

Selfie sticks can be pretty embarrassing when using them in public, especially if you have short arms.

Even more embarrassing? Not having a selfie stick. Anyone remember this?

Well one young man in Japan named Mansun has aimed to take this decidedly first world problem head on by using a bit of grit, determination and a whole lot of imagination.

Mansun’s invention of the “selfie arms” is a simple invention by attaching two selfie sticks to plastic hands and covering them with a long sleeve shirt modified to fit the length of the arms.


His extra-long arms even help him get a better angle at tall structures. What a clever yet silly invention.

HT/ Laughing Squid

Cover Photo Credit: Ton Schulten/ Flickr (CC By 2.0)

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