MOB RULES: Missouri Protestors Turn Against Student Journalists, As Communications Professor Turns On First Amendment

Some protestors at the University of Missouri rallying under the banner of the #ConcernedStudent1950 movement harassed, and obstructed a student journalist from taking photos on campus yesterday.

The university, also known as “Mizzou” is a public college and the protestors were gathering on public grounds to celebrate the resignation of university system president Tim Wolfe. 

In a video published on Youtube by Mark Schierbecker, shows a mob of people try to stop the first amendment rights of student reporters.

It is pretty shocking. Even more shocking is that one of the leaders of the mob, a white woman with red hair is a communications professor named Melissa Click.

Perhaps the folks in the video should pick up a copy of the Constitution to refresh their memories of what the foundation of the First Amendment is.



Cover Photo Credit: Mark Schierbecker/ Youtube (Screenshot)

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