Police Body Camera Footage Released In Alabama Students Rough Arrest Case

Tuscaloosa police released officer body camera footage of the cop at the center of a controversy that has been roiling the west Alabama city since early November.

The officer and a group of other cops conducted a rough arrest on three University of Alabama students after the police were called to an off campus apartment in the early hours of Nov. 8 because the students were allegedly playing music too loudly.

The incident came to light after the student newspaper, the Crimson White obtained and published a series of brutal cell phone videos.

The videos show multiple Tuscaloosa police officers grab three students out of an off campus apartment and throw them onto the concrete hallway where they are arrested and one is tased and beaten with a nightstick.

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Tuscaloosa’s chief of police Steve Anderson quickly called for an internal investigation of the three main officers involved and put them all on paid administrative leave while the matter was being looked into.

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“Based on what I’ve seen, the individual did not have to exit the apartment,” Anderson said according to AL.com.

When he was asked if the officers had the right to go inside of the apartment, Anderson responded, “Based on what I’ve seen, no.”

While the footage released Wednesday didn’t show anything “earth shattering” according to Anderson, it was still important to make public the footage for the sake of transparency.

WATCH: Police Body Camera Footage of Tuscaloosa Rough Arrests

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