Russian Warplane Shot Down Near Syrian Border

Russia deploys missile cruiser off Syria coast, ordered to destroy any target posing danger, Russia Today reports.

UPDATE – 11:53 AM EST: Turkey tells Reuters that both pilots are still alive

A Russian warplane has been shot down near the Turkey-Syria border. is reporting that Turkey first warned the plane: “Turkey says it issued 10 warnings to the aircraft that violated its airspace Tuesday before responding “within engagement rules” near the Turkey-Syria border.

Currently the Russian military is searching for the pilot. A video posted online by rebels meanwhile appeared to show a Russian pilot immobile on the ground, either badly wounded or dead reports

In a twist, the Turkish government is now saying that both pilots are still alive and that Turkey is working to bring them to their territory.

According to Reuters the aircraft did not identify itself to the pair of Turkish F-16s that intercepted it in Turkish airspace. After multiple warnings were issued the F-16s brought down the aircraft in the “Turkmen Mountain” area. The pilots apparently ejected from the aircraft. One is reported to have been captured by local Turkmen forces in Syria.

A video released earlier in the day apparently showed a dead Russian pilot, in opposition to the statement by the Turkish government.

(Warning for graphic content)

In a separate yet released incident: new video also apparently shows Syrian rebels destroying a downed Russian helicopter today as well. The helicopter was reportedly searching for the missing Russian pilots shot down by Turkish jets. The Syrian rebels were armed with American military technology.

WATCH: Syrian rebels destroy Russian helicopter with American arms

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