The Condom Challenge Trend Is A Serious Threat To Millennials The World Over

First there was the Harlem shake.

Then came the ALS ice bucket challenge.

What’s the Internet’s newest trend? The #CondomChallenge.

No it’s not raising awareness for any health issues, other than disproving the age old lie that, “it doesn’t fit.”

Nevertheless, the #CondomChallenge has gone viral across Vine and Twitter.

So what’s the plan? Fill a condom with water and drop it over your friend’s head without it breaking. It creates a weird fishbowl affect around the participant’s head and causes uncontrollable laughter for everyone else.

According to Tech Insider, the trend started in Japan with this video catching fire on the Internet.

Caution: If you want to try the challenge, make sure to not have the plastic cover your face for too long. Incidents have already been reported and could there be a more embarrassing way to die than this?

Cover Photo Credit: Youtube/ Screengrab

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