VIDEO: Student Supporters Of #BlackLivesMatter Disrupt Dartmouth Library

A video posted online by the conservative Campus Reform organization shows student supporters of the #BlackLivesMatter movement storming into a Dartmouth College library and disrupting students studying as a form of protest.

The event was organized by the campus chapter of the NAACP after a week of tensions on the campus after a pro #BlackLivesMatter display case was vandalized in the aftermath of mass protests on the University of Missouri.

The video shows a student protest that took place last Thursday and allegedly turned ugly with some claiming that the protestors used racist language to attack white students in the library who did not show visible support for the movement. “Fuck you, you filthy white fucks!,” one protestor allegedly said, although it was not recorded on the video.

The mainstream student newspaper at Dartmouth looked into the claims of racially charged language used by the protestors and could not confirm the rumors.

From The Dartmouth:

“None of the police officers who monitored the demonstration on Thursday night witnessed any acts of violence, Hanover Police Lieutenant Brad Sargent said. As of Monday, only one incident of violence in the library has been reported, and this was by a third party, Sargent said.”

Despite this, a student who claims he was part of the demonstration wrote a piece for the Tab that claims that he witnessed a protestor make a student cry and then said, “fuck your white tears.”

As you can see, there were a whole lot bunch of “claims” in that previous sentence. And some are taking the “claims” with a big ole grain of salt.

WATCH: Dartmouth #BlackLivesMatter Protesters Storm Into Campus Library


Cover Photo Credit: Screengrab/ Youtube

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