WATCH: Man Who Spent Last 44 Years Of His Life In Prison Deals With Modern Technology

Can you imagine being separated from society for 44 years only to have to abruptly face the realities of the modern age- all at once?

That is what Ottis Johnson has had to deal with in New York this year.

Johnson started serving prison time when he was 25 for the attempted murder of a police officer. Now at 69, Johnson is out of jail and is having to navigate a remarkably changed America without the aid of family or friends, since he doesn’t have any.

Johnson’s story was told in a remarkable profile by Al Jazeera and a video focused on the man’s reintegration into society has started to go viral.

WATCH: This man reacts to modern technology after 44 years in jail 


H/T: Business Insider

Cover Photo Credit: Al Jazeera/ Youtube (Screengrab)

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