2016 Could Be A Make Or Break Year For Apple

With two weeks left in 2015, Apple’s future is looking surprisingly uncertain given its status as the world’s most valuable company. Its market cap over the course of the year has fallen from its peak of $775 billion to just over $614 billion as of Thursday. Its iPhone — which accounts for well over half its…

Cover Photo Credit: matt buchanan/ Flickr (CC By 2.0)

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  1. Ian Ross says:

    Months ago I dropped and shattered my iPad screen. 350 dollar repair cost in Canada. So I have been walking around with this iPad with a very noticeably destroyed screen. It catches everyone’s eye, and they comment. This leads to my explanation of the cost to fix it. I often hear the people remark they would never get an iPad based on the that. I suspect that while others can afford to opt for a new apple product, many cannot, and this may be affecting apple’s bottom line.

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