Taliban Release Audio Message To Prove Leader Is Still Alive

The Afghan Taliban have released an audio message purportedly from their leader dismissing claims that he was killed in a gunfight during a gathering of several Taliban figures in Pakistan. In a 16-minute message released on Saturday, Mullah Akhtar Mansoor advised his followers not to pay attention to rumours, describing them as “propaganda”. “I have recorded…

Cover Photo Credit: ResoluteSupportMedia/ Flickr (CC By 2.0)

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One comment on “Taliban Release Audio Message To Prove Leader Is Still Alive

  1. Maxwell says:

    First Obama says ‘the war is over and time to swap prisioners’ so he trades five Taliban Leaders for one American traitor. Then Obama sends troops to Afghanistan to fight the Taliban and 11 American are killed in a crash, next Obama bombs a Doctors Without Borders Hospital, killing doctors civilians claiming they were after Taliban Leader. Then we’re told a Talban leader has been killed in a raid, and here he is…. bottomline, Obama has no idea what he’s doing, he just keeps on telling lies.

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