Hot For Teacher: How Your Professor’s Looks May Determine Your Success In Class

By Taylor Neuman

By human nature, we like to make judgements on other humans based on their appearance. This takes place anywhere and everywhere you go, and it turns out it happens in the classroom as well.

Do you ever find yourself in class thinking, “my professor is pretty good looking?”

Students from all over the country have taken the time to use Rate My Professor to rate their professor’s in various areas from overall quality, curriculum used in the course, fairness, quantity of assignments and yes, even their looks.

This function is a chili pepper icon that is displayed on all of the professor’s individual pages. If the chili pepper is red that means students consider that professor to be attractive. If the chili pepper is red with flames that means that a bunch of students think that the teacher is incredibly attractive. Not exactly rocket science, although there are probably some hot rocket scientists out there.

Don’t get me wrong, people mainly use this website as a tool when it comes to selecting classes based off of the professor teaching it, but that doesn’t stop students from giving their teachers a little boost in their egos.

But how important is it to students that they have an attractive professor?

“The chill pepper isn’t important for me but it’s a bonus if the teacher happens to not be bad looking,” Cory Diamond, a student at The University of Alabama said.  “It helps me pay attention more and actually be more involved in the class.”

According to two researchers at the University of North Carolina Pembroke who conducted a study on the topic found that, “students reported believing they would learn the most from the attractive teacher.”

“If I had an attractive teacher I would be like a model student,” Morgan Hearns a student at University of Central Florida said in a interview. “I wouldn’t miss a class, would sit front row, and take good notes.”

That isn’t the case for all students, however.

Bennett Kobos is a student at UNC Charlotte.

“I don’t feel like it would change my attention too much, I’m typically very focused,”  Kobos said.

“When selecting a teacher the main things I look for are a high score on easiness and read the reviews to make sure attendance isn’t mandatory,” Diamond said. “I also check to see if any of the reviews say anything about hard tests or tricky questions on the tests.”

Many college students would agree that they mostly use Rate My Professor as a tool to find the best professor, but they would also agree that they wouldn’t mind an attractive professor.

“I am glad to know students enjoy my classes and am sure their reviews are based solely on the course content,” Steven Davis, a professor in the business department at Florida International University said.

Cover Photo Credit: Kevin Dooley/ Flickr (CC By 2.0)

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