Instead Of Laughing At This Lady Whose Apartment Caught On Fire, You Can Actually Help Her

Remember this lady?

Her name is Michelle Dobyne and she and her family live in an apartment complex in Tulsa, OK that recently experienced a fire in one of the units. As a result, power and heat for the entire complex was out for multiple days.

Not exactly headline news.

But the video of Dobyne’s humorous reaction went viral, although some have mentioned that perhaps it hasn’t gone viral for all the right reasons.

I mean just think about it.

Many, if not most of these viral local TV interviews are of African-American people who have just been involved in some sort of serious situation. And that serious situation is usually overshadowed by the reaction people on the Internet have to the reaction one person has to that serious situation.

Don’t believe me?

Or how about this?

Or this?

Or this?

Or this stupid story idea?

Instead of making fun of Dobyne and sharing a video that is borderline racist, why don’t you instead do something to help her and other folks at that apartment complex?

A woman in Tulsa named Tykebrean Princess McClain had the same idea and created a GoFundMe campaign that has so far raised nearly $17,000 to help get Dobyne and her children through this difficult time.

McClain wrote about her mission to help Dobyne on GoFundMe:

“She [Dobyne] is currently living in her car and she needs anything she can get to help her and her 3 kids ! Anything can help with them ! Even a dollar would be helpful ! God Bless ! This is amazing how much love there is in the world ! I met her Monday Night because I was watching the news and they said where she lived and that she would be in her car ! So after dinner me and my mom got in the car and had shoes and bags of clothes and blankets ready! We took her to dinner at Burger King and talked to her about her issues and saw how sweet she was and wanted to do this for her and she is so grateful to all of you! Kids are 3,5,6 ! Girls are 3 & 6! Pants 14 & XL !! And 5 is the boy and medium & 7!”

If you want to donate, you can visit:

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