This Ole Miss Student Just Protested Donald Trump In The Best Way Possible

We’ve covered all the strange things that happen at Donald Trump rallies a lot recently.

With Trump still holding a commanding lead in the GOP primary (at least in national polls and in most state polls), it is important to know what his supporters think.

At a rally in Rock Hill, SC last Friday a Muslim woman named Rose Hamid was silently protesting Trump’s anti-refugee and pro racist policies was removed after standing up during the event. It became national news.

Hamid and other protestors were wearing yellow star shaped patches that seemed to be a reference to similar emblems worn by Jews in Nazi controlled termites during the Holocaust.

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Reid Jeffries, a 21 year old native of Cincinnati and a student at the University of Mississippi  was also at the same rally and he protested Trump in a truly hilarious way.


Ole Miss Student Reid Jeffries holds up a sign protesting Donald Trump on Friday, Jan 8, 2016. Photo Credit: Reid Jeffries

“I went to the Trump rally because I knew that years down the line, the whole world would look back at his campaign, whether successful or not, as important history,” Jeffries said in a message to RISE NEWS. “Also, we hear a lot about Trump via the media and I know that this isn’t the most fair representation of him as the media is bound to skew him one way or the other. So I knew by seeing him in person I would get a definite idea of what he is actually like.”

Jeffries said that he is moderately politically active. He’s worked as a House page for Republican Speaker John Boehner in the past but has since identified himself as an  Independent.

Jeffries also loves pranks and decided to bring a “Trump likes Nickleback [sic]” (Nickelback is the proper spelling) sign to the rally, playing on the longstanding Internet meme.

Here’s what happened according to Jeffries:

“The event was electric. It started out like the Rolling Stones concert I went to earlier this year. The people there were full of energy and emotion. If you would have asked any one of them who was going to be the next president, every single one would have told you Trump without a stutter. When I talked to people individually they seemed normal. But when Trump spoke there was a mob mentality that came over them.”

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After holding up his sign, Jeffries walked out in solidarity with the other protestors.

“When I walked out with one of the protestors, I remember people screaming ‘fuck you’, ‘terrorist’, ‘get the fuck out’. They were chanting USA which made no sense because I’m pretty sure he was an American citizen though I do not know this for certain.”

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Cover Photo Credit: Reid Jeffries

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