Over 375 U. Of Central Florida Students Worked To Give This Beloved Bus Driver An Incredible Birthday Gift

A well-known bus driver at the University of Central Florida got a welcomed birthday treat this week that he had no idea was in the works. And the gesture is warming the hearts of many.

Maurice, a UCF bus driver celebrated his birthday on Valentine’s Day (a Sunday this year)

Joshua Gicker is a new student at UCF, having transferred to the Orlando area college last fall from Tampa. Gicker said that Maurice was one of his first friends at UCF and that he really appreciated the way he interacts with people.

“If everyone lived like Maurice, I really believe there would be no problems in this world,” Gicker told Knight News, a UCF student news organization.

Gicker said that he found out about Maurice’s upcoming birthday last week and immediately worked to get people who live at his apartment complex to help raise $450 to give to him.

According to Knight News, 376 students came together to raise the money for Maurice.

A video of Gicker handing Maurice the money and a birthday card was uploaded to YouTube, where it has begun to cycle through social media.

“This is so great, I’m going to go through every one of these,” Maurice said in the video when he saw a list of people who donated money to him. “This is so nice, you guys are so great. You guys are the greatest and I’m just so overwhelmed.”

Happy birthday Maurice!

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Cover Photo Credit: Joshua Gicker/ Youtube (Screengrab)

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