WATCH: Man Slides Down London Underground Escalator And It Doesn’t End Well

A British man decided to have a little too much fun in the London Underground subway system recently and his misfortune has made its way all over social media in the UK.

The video shows a man ride down the escalator handrail of a London Underground station for a few seconds before hitting a metal divider and then taking a rough fall.

The whole incident was recorded by a man who then uploaded it to social media.  

“We were all egging my other mate on to do it. It was a bit stupid, not the best idea we’ve ever had,” David Bailey, the man who filmed it told the Evening Standard. “He came off but he was alright. There was a quite a bit of blood but no major injuries, he was a bit bruised.”

Bailey also told the paper that his friend continued drinking that night but when he woke up the next day, he was feeling it.

“He said he woke up in the morning and he couldn’t move for the rest of the week,” Bailey said.

The folks in charge of making sure that people don’t get hurt in the Underground are not happy about the stunt.

“Safety is our top priority and pranks like this are dangerous for not only those involved but also to other customers,” Mark Evers, the Director of Customer Strategy for London Underground told the Independent“We have frequent PA announcements reminding customers to be careful when using escalators, and we also run safety campaigns throughout the year to encourage customers to take care whilst traveling on our network.”

WATCH: Man Slides Down London Underground Escalator And It Doesn’t End Well

H/T: The Independent

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