These 7 Subscription Services Will Make Your Life So Much Easier

By Vanessa Paredes

The subscription service model is simple; pay a monthly or yearly fee and get continuous services or product(s) in return. Companies like Birchbox spearheaded the subscription biz boom in the early twenty-tens and the rest is history.

Today, millions of Americas are happily subscribed to a box or five, which comes as no surprise considering the nation’s lust for the following three things: fast, convenient, and app-enabled.

With over 1,000 subscription boxes and tons of other services now available, it might be difficult to sift through the melee and figure out which ones are truly adding value to your life.

I have personally tried quite a few of them myself, and I can assure you that the following seven services are worth a try.


Our new, rubberized Truman handle means more grip and better control. Shower shavers rejoice!

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Harry’s is a no brainer for those who happen to grow hair on their bodies. Yes, that includes women. This service offers a variety of “shave plans” depending on how often you need to shave, and it is a lot more affordable than buying over-priced razors at the drugstore all the time.

Bonus: the razors themselves are beautifully designed and the blades boast a clean shave every time.

Blue Apron

Wrap up the weekend with a pita full of all the best Greek and Middle Eastern ingredients!

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Throw on your apron and get ready to cook like a pro. This food subscription box might give you sticker shock at first ($59.94 a week). But when you start breaking it down, it makes sense.

You get 3 meals a week for two people, meaning each meal is under $10 per person.

If you happen to already be eating out or going to the grocery store regularly, chances are you spend more than that already without reaping the Blue Apron benefits: fresh pre-portioned ingredients delivered to you weekly that actually teach you how to cook like a chef.

Amazon Prime

Some advice as we head into the weekend ? #Regram from the talented @engineeronbreak #AmazonPrime

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Prime may not be actual subscription box, but the benefits of having a membership are so rewarding that it had to be included in the list. Not only is two day free shipping a complete lifesaver for last minute gifts, but you also get tons of free movies and shows as well as access to Amazon Pantry and Amazon Now which will eliminate the need to drive to a store ever again.

Class Pass

Jumping for joy to have an extra day this year! #leapday #leapyear Studio: @bounceinc

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Its not all about making life easier, sometimes is about making life healthier. If you are looking for a subscription service that gives you the most bang for your buck, class pass is the way to go. It allows member to attend unlimited fitness classes a month, with options ranging from Yoga, to Spinning, to Zumba all over your respective city.

Trunk Club

When you look good, you feel good—and when you feel good, you break barriers. #MondayMotivation

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In a way this is a free subscription service for men who hate going to the mall. How it works: you receive a “trunk” filled with clothes, belts and shoes in your size and style to then try on. Pay for what you want to keep and return the rest. It’s pretty simple and awfully convenient.


Makeup junkies rejoice, Birchbox is a super affordable way to try top of the line products and decide which ones are worth the purchase. Shopping for cosmetics can get tricky when you aren’t sure how certain products will affect your skin or look throughout the day. Birchbox saves the day by letting you try a gamut of items every month for only $10. Plus, you can take these minis with you when you travel as an added benefit.


? #netflixandchill

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If you are looking to make your life easier by saving money and you haven’t cut the cord already, you need to listen up: stop paying for cable and switch to Netflix. The streaming service is a respectable replacement for that little black box costing you a fortune in your living room.

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