John Kasich,Come With Me If You Want to Live!

Last week, Arnold Schwarzenegger, the well known movie actor and former governor of California, announced his endorsement of Ohio Governor John Kasich in the 2016 Presidential race, on temporary image service Snapchat.

Calling Kasich an “Action Hero”, Schwarzenegger cited Kasich’s hand in fiscally responsible activity at both the federal and state level.

This is likely to boost the appeal of Governor Kasich in the days prior to the Ohio Republican Primary by drawing on the star power of “The Governator”.

This line of thought seems further supported by the endorsement of Ohio State University head coach Urban Meyer.

Between these two endorsements, Governor Kasich has a strong chance to win his home state against the monolithic front runner, Donald Trump.

Indeed, the endorsement of the most influential immigrant in the Republican Party is quite a powerful slight against Mr. Trump, who has increasingly become the man to beat by a frantic Republican party.

It is even more interesting because Schwarzenegger was named as Trump’s successor to host The Apprentice on NBC.

Kasich losing in Ohio would be a tremendous blows against the wishes of the establishment wing of the Republican Party, as it would make the already dim prospect of forcing a contested Republican National Convention more remote.

Whether these celebrity endorsements will effectively combat Governor Kasich’s lack of name recognition on a national level against a reality TV star and a infamously narcissistic Senator remains to be seen, but the Kasich-Schwarzenegger-Meyer triumvirate acting as a road bump on Mr. Trump’s warpath through Ohio seems a fairly likely outcome.

But will it matter in the end?

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Cover Photo Credit: Zero Emission Resource Organisation/ Flickr (CC BY 2.0)

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