Nah, Tinder Doesn’t Have A Fake Profile Problem At All

Tinder, the very popular online dating app is known for its spam problem.

While (probably) millions of people use the app to get dates or meet people in their geographic area, a healthy percentage of Tinder accounts are not that human.

Prostitution rings, cam girls and porn websites have been known to pay top dollar to trick Tinder users into clicking on links and buying products.

“Some of the sites pay $6.00 per lead for a successful sign-up and up to $60 if a lead becomes a premium member,” security response manager Satnam Narang told the Guardian about the scams.

But for those who still refuse to believe that they could be cat-fished on Tinder, just keep scrolling.

Here at RISE NEWS, we did a little test and started swiping right in the name of journalism (and love or whatever).

We’re based in Miami and over the course of one day, we came across over 40 separate profiles that were almost identical.

It got a bit depressing. Like really depressing.

All of the fake profiles purport to be either 23 or 25 (because being 24 really sucks apparently). Most of them claimed to work in “communications” at vague sounding firms or at an area college (that was incorrectly identified as Miami University, which is in Ohio).

Each of the bios were nearly identical with the same message: “I love playing [sport name], [hobby], [hobby] and [some sort of activity] before sleeping.”

Here’s a very sad taste of what we found:


IMG_0542 4#2

IMG_0554 5


IMG_0543 4


IMG_0541 4

#5IMG_0540 4


IMG_0538 3

#7 IMG_0537 3


IMG_0531 2


Let us know if you know someone in these pictures:

IMG_0532 2


IMG_0533 3


IMG_0534 3


IMG_0535 3


IMG_0536 3


IMG_0530 2


IMG_0528 2


IMG_0527 2


IMG_0565 10


IMG_0564 10


IMG_0563 7


IMG_0556 7


IMG_0557 7


IMG_0558 7


IMG_0559 7


IMG_0561 7


Why are still looking at these?

But seriously, if you have any sort of tip about spammers or scammers on Tinder send us a email to

IMG_0562 7


IMG_0555 5


IMG_0553 5


IMG_0552 5


IMG_0551 5



IMG_0550 5


IMG_0539 4

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