The Irony: Pro-Gun Activist Who Made Fun Of Gun Control Gets Shot In Back By Son

By Camila Saenz

Which pro gun Ted Cruz supporter has recently made headlines due to being shot by her four year old son? The answer to that question would be Jamie Gilt.

Floridians make for the most interesting headlines.

Jamie Gilt, 31, has been very vocal about her opposition on stricter gun laws and that it is important to teach children the proper use of weapons.

One of her post on her Facebook page called, “Jamie Gilt for Gun Sense,” reads “My right to protect my child with a gun trumps your fear of my gun.” On this Facebook page there were also various pictures supporting Cruz.

On a drive to a relative’s home Tuesday afternoon, her son sitting in the seat behind her, pulled the trigger of a hand gun, according to the Putnam County Sheriff’s Department news release.


Gilt was later rushed to a hospital in Gainesville, Florida; she is currently in stable condition. Her son, was unharmed, and has been released to relatives.

The firearm was owned legally by the victim, and the child had come to posses the firearm without the victim’s knowledge.

According to Florida law, “it is a misdemeanor for a person to store or leave, on a premise under his or her control, a loaded firearm in such a manner that it is likely a child can gain access to the firearm.”

The Facebook page was taken down on Wednesday March 9th, and has inspired many imitations of the page.

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