This Politician Dressed Up Like Donald Trump At An AIDS Walk To Make An Important Point

North Miami City Councilman Scott Galvin is known for his unique approach to serving his constituents.

An early adopter of email newsletters and blogging to keep people that live in his city informed, Galvin has recently started producing web videos for the same purpose.

But none of that quite compares to what Galvin did to support the Florida AIDS Walk and Music Festival.


Galvin is not afraid to take a stand on issues that are a bit bigger than North Miami, a diverse northern Miami suburb with nearly 60,000 residents.

So he decided to make fun of Republican Presidential front-runner Donald Trump to raise money for the AIDS walk.

Galvin dressed as “The Donald” and walked around the event carrying fake money with Trump’s face on it.

“I’ve been wearing silly costumes in the Walk since 2009, when I was a leprechaun,” Galvin said in an interview with RISE NEWS. “I always try to do something unique, as it’s a big point in my fundraising efforts. This year, I truly didn’t have an original idea. And then I saw a recent Republican debate. My costume immediately became clear.”

Galvin has been involved with AIDS walks for years and has been walking in them since 2007.

While most people at the walk understand that Galvin was making fun of Trump and his arrogant manor (he was also saying one-lines as he walked around like “I’m building a wall around YOUR house”), some people didn’t get the joke.

“A few were unsure, however, and wondered if I was supporting Trump,” Galvin said. “A few wouldn’t even take my fake money and just gave me disgusted looks.”


While it was all in good fun, Galvin said that he really does believe that Trump poses a threat to the LGBT community.

“An affront to any minority community is an affront to us all,” Galvin said. “If we sit silently as Trump insults Mexicans and Muslims, who will be around to defend us when it is our turn?”

Galvin’s efforts seemed to have paid off as he was able to raise around $8,000 for the walk.

“Trump’s campaign is as much a hot mess as I was walking in the sun wearing a clown wig and orange make up,” Galvin said. “At least I was able to turn his idiocy into a few laughs for a good cause.”

Cover Photo Credit: Scott Galvin/ Facebook

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