This Video Perfectly Shows How Modern Lobbying Really Works

A video posted to Facebook is bringing the problem of the increased role of money in electoral politics in the United States to the forefront of millennial dialogue.

The video was created by Represent.Us, a group that calls itself a “non-partisan movement to end money in politics corruption.” The video was also played on local television in Washington, D.C. and has gone viral on social media.

Represent.Us is known for its support of the American Anti-Corruption Act, which seeks to “reign in congressional corruption and restore a government that represents every American.” 

Using parody as its means, the video makes an awfully good point about how the system works today. 


LobbyWOW!We just ran this infomercial for lobbyist corruption during the DC morning news!!

Posted by Represent.Us on Thursday, March 17, 2016

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Rich Robinson is the CEO and publisher of Rise News. He is also a journalist and a native of Miami. Robinson graduated from the University of Alabama and can be followed on Twitter @RichRobMiami.
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