You Can Get A Paid Internship Traveling Around The Country And Drinking Beer (Seriously)

Time to be real about something.

Most internships suck. Like they really suck.

But this one promises not to and if it does then you can just get drunk and forget about how much it sucks.

World Of Beer, the bar chain is looking for a few summer interns who will serve as social media storytellers for the brand. Part of the job will be to travel to various World Of Beer locations around the country and write, and video their experiences.

And yes, they will be expected to drink a lot of beer, while getting paid.

“This job is all about traveling, shooting, editing, writing, and drinking awesome beer,” a statement on the brand’s website announcing the promo said. “They’ll also have a chance to learn from the beer experts at DRAFT MAGAZINE! This is guaranteed to be the most epic summer job of their lives.”


“This internship is a natural extension of World of Beer’s ‘drink it in’ culture,” World of Beer CEO and President Paul Avery said in a press release. “We are excited to empower our customers to share these experiences through this unique Drink It Intern program.”

You can apply for the internship up to March 26th and anyone can apply (not just current students, as long as you are 21.)

Potential interns will have to upload a one minute video showing why you would be good for the internship and you can even schedule an in person interview at a handful of locations to help get your application to the “top of the pile”. Whatever the hell that means.

To apply visit:

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