Alabama Student Group To Host “Socialism Sucks” Event On Campus Quad

If you are going to be anywhere near the University of Alabama’s campus in Tuscaloosa on April 29th, you may want to wear some sunglasses. Because there’s gon’ be some fireworks.

Turning Point USA, a national conservative student group is hosting a “Socialism Sucks” event on the Alabama quad in an effort to rain on all that Bern.

From the national group:

“May 1 is International Worker’s Day — a day of celebration for workers that is often promoted by socialists, communists, and labor movements across the world.  In response, TPUSA is organizing a national “Socialism Sucks” Day of Action on college campuses across the country!”

Very sneaky how they lump “socialist, communists and labor movements” together into one pile. Just ask all those Trump loving Teamsters if they would call themselves commies.


Anyway, judging by some of the reaction to the Alabama event on Facebook, it is poised to be a controverisal outing to say the least.

Tell us if you plan to attend and what your views on socialism are in the comments below:

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Cover Photo Credit: Turning Point USA At The University Of Alabama

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