These Ole Miss Frat Guys Don’t Respect Women, Are Fucking Assholes

Here’s something you already knew: some fraternity guys at the University of Mississippi are total assholes who don’t respect women.

Here’s something you probably didn’t know: they are dumb enough to display their anti-woman feeling in public while thousands look on.

During the annual Ole Miss Derby Days event last week, two Sigma Chi members serving as emcees and who combined have the comedic ability of two damp rags, asked various sorority members competing for Derby Day Queen a series of gross questions.

Which Sigma Chi would they “go down on?”

What type of sausage would they prefer: “linked or Sigma Chi?”

One of the question sessions was caught on video tape:

“So you’re telling me your nickname’s not BJ?” one of the emcees asks. “I’ll give you an easier question. What’s your fondest memory of the Sigma Chi basement?”

When the woman answers, “Getting rowdy in neon,” the second emcee butts in.

“We’re gonna go ahead and go with her nickname is BJ.”


We think it’s funny to force women to have oral sex with us. HAHAHA.

Not everyone thought it was funny.

Abby Michelle Bruce, an Ole Miss student and current sorority member blasted the event on Facebook in a post that quickly went viral.

“Tonight, my eyes watered up as I watched women be humiliated in the name of “philanthropy,” Bruce wrote in the post. “I attended the event, not out of support for the way Sigma Chi runs their philanthropy event, but to cheer on friends who had put lots of time and effort into the dances (some, not out of choice, but of requirement by their respective sororities) only to be mortified and completely ashamed that I am even remotely associated with such an event.”

JPEGScreen Shot 2016-04-19 at 11.13.32 AM

Abby Michelle Bruce during an interview with NewsWatch Ole Miss, a campus TV station. Photo Credit: NewsWatch Ole Miss.

“I think the question all Panhellenic women at Ole Miss (and women everywhere, greek or not) should be asking here is “why?,” Bruce wrote in the post. “Why do we pay money to participate in these events to be humiliated? Why have we allowed ourselves to be objectified? Women’s fraternities were started as an empowerment movement – what happened?”

The president of the Ole Miss Sigma Chi chapter Clay Wooley called leaders from each of the sororities involved with Derby Days in order to apologize for what took place.

But in an interview with campus TV station NewsWatch Ole Miss, Wooley didn’t seem to fully grasp the implications of what happened.

When asked whether he thought the incident was emblematic of campus rape culture, Wooley spit up all over himself.

“You know, putting it into the category of rape culture though, that is extreme,” Wooley said. “It’s supposed to be done out of innuendo and fun and it got carried away too far this year and shouldn’t have taken place.”

Hold up a minute frat chief.

So you mean to tell us that the event is “supposed” to be done out of innuendo?

First off, innuendo is tough to pull off. You probably should have your smarter guys do it. If you have any.

And secondly, wasn’t this whole thing meant to raise money for charity or some shit like that? I forgot because of all the sexism and untalented people.

Nah bro, you better keep thinking about all of this.

Ole Miss has launched a Title IX investigation into the matter.

Perhaps most disturbingly, some Ole Miss sororities have cracked down on their members in an effort to limit public damage and save face with the fraternities.

According to NewsWatch Ole Miss, one sorority member was forced out in recent days for posting about the subject on social media. She has refused to speak publicly due to perceived retaliation against her.

Another current sorority member agreed to talk to NewsWatch Ole Miss, but only if her face was blurred and her voice modified.

And the campus TV station also obtained text messages showing that at least five sororities have issued a gag order on their members from talking to media.

“It has been so encouraging to hear and see since the event ended that I am not the only one,” Wooley said in her Facebook post. “So, I am putting this all out here so that other women might see that they are not alone either. We deserve better than to be dehumanized. We have rights, and we have the power and authority to demand they be met. Let’s give ’em hell, rebs.”

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WATCH: NewsWatch Ole Miss report on Derby Days clusterfuck

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