Meet Nashville’s Very Own Vegas Showgirl And Potential Breakout Star: Sierra Black

By Vincent M. D’Agostino

Sierra Black has been gambling since she was 6 years old.

Now she’s gambling on a future as a country music recording star, which looks bright after  recording her debut album in Nashville.

Born and raised in Las Vegas, Black is now on the road promoting her debut single, “Heart On Ice”, to radio stations.

“I immediately fell in love with it when I heard the first verse,” Black said of “Heart On Ice”, a song written back in 2002.

On the up-tempo country song, she sings: “Flying 90 miles an hour down a dusty road, pushing this thing to just see how fast this thing will go; engine hot enough to burn up the fuzzy dice; I better put my Heart On Ice.

Black finds herself on her debut single preaching to the choir about “having to step back and cool off” when hot in love.

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Black, who is 22, fondly remembers how her father sparked her love of country music at age 6 when he used to play guitar and sing Merle Haggard and Johnny Cash songs to her.

Sierra’s love of music didn’t just originate with her father though. Her grandmother was Babette DeCastro, one of the members in the trio, DeCastro Sisters, who were famous for their 1954 top Billboard hit “Teach me Tonight.”

Unfortunately, her grandmother never got the chance to hear Sierra sing because she passed away before Sierra was born in 1992.

WATCH: Sierra Black’s “Heart On Ice”

Sierra proudly wears her grandma’s necklace to keep her close to her.  Interestingly enough, her grandmother provided the voices to the animals, including the butterflies, in Disney’s animated film Song of the South.

Sierra has been playing around with music ever since she can remember.

As a young girl, she would put on her own stage shows, alone, in her bedroom.

Fluent in Spanish, she could sing “El Paso” by heart by age 7.

She wrote her first song at the age of 12.

Her first break came when Keith Urban handpicked her out of 14,000 contestants to sing alongside him at a music festival.

“I wasn’t nervous meeting him or singing with him but the experience was surreal,” Black said of singing with Urban.


Sierra Black (R) singing with Keith Urban. Photo Credit: Sierra Black/ Facebook.

Chalking up her lack of nerves and comfort singing on stage to being an “old soul”, Black is determined to take the country scene like a dust storm.

And unlike many other young stars, Black actually has some chops in writing songs as well.

“I start with the title first and then the lyrics come to me,” Black said of her songwriting process that eventually leads to a melody.

With a bit of luck, Black eventually found herself in Nashville working with Grammy award winning producers Michael Omartian (who has worked with Donna Summer and Trisha Yearwood) and Tom Hemby (who has worked with Faith Hill and Bebe & Cece Winans).

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She was recruited from Vegas after someone at one of her live shows caught wind of her voice. One thing led to another, and she was flown out to Nashville for back-to-back meetings with the producers.

“It’s been a bit of talent and luck and being in the right place at the right time,” Black said of the events that’s led to her rise.

Black after a radio interview. Photo Credit: Sierra Black/ Facebook.

Black after a radio interview. Photo Credit: Sierra Black/ Facebook.

Black’s promotional single, “Casino”, was her first release to iTunes and will also be featured on her debut album.

Lyrically, the song is a metaphor for love where Black says, “Sometimes you win in the game of love and sometimes you lose.”  

On this ballad, she sings: “Like a coin I was tossed into a wishing fountain. I was only one of a 1,000 looking for a little fortune,” and further laments that her heart is like money a lover blows with “I was a card you were using and a trick that you were good at playing. Luck didn’t build up the Monte Carlo just like love never promised tomorrow.

WATCH: Sierra Black sings “Casino”

Black describes her sound as “twang with a slap of gospel.“ Like a true Vegas Show Queen, she laughs, “you can never have enough rhinestones.”   Hoping to have a show like Shania Twain in distant future, she is now hoping for a duet with Jason Aldean in the near future. She has already opened up for Joe Nichols and Uncle Kracker to name a few.

She is not hoping to hit the jackpot with slot machines but instead with her music. What is truly special about both of her songs, “Heart on Ice” and “Casino”, is that they do something that most songs in the music business fail to do. Both songs brilliantly forfeit a clunky bridge and offer a seamless melody to sing along to.

The music is already there. As long as she doesn’t forget her bedazzler at home, Sierra Black will surely be able to forge her own luck and have a long career in the business.

Sierra Black is on a radio tour promoting “Heart On Ice”. You can find it along with her promotional single, “Casino”, on iTunes. Look out for her self-titled debut album in the Spring. And don’t forget to request “Heart On Ice” on your local radio stations.

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