Ohio State University Is Being Occupied By Students Demanding A Whole Bunch Of Things

Scores of students at the Ohio State University in Columbus are demanding widespread reforms and changes at the school after conducting a large sit-in at the President’s office.

According to Al-Jazeera, the sit-in protestors where quickly threatened with arrest by police  and set off a fierce conversation on social media about whether the #ReclaimOSU movement had any merit.

The protestors seem to be from a slew of left leaning student groups that are demanding a mix of things from the school including:

-Demands by an organization called Real Food OSU “to create a just, transparent and democratic food system”. (Bottomline: they want 20% of campus food to be locally sourced  and humanely grown by 2020.)

-Demands by United Students Against Sweatshops to “halt the Comprehensive Energy Management Plan which would further privatize our university.”

-Demands by the Committee for Justice in Palestine to “divest from companies that are complicit in Israeli apartheid.” (Some believe that Israel is conducting an apartheid like system. Others believe that calling Israel an apartheid state to be anti-Semitic.)

“We do not know what companies OSU invests in and we do not know how our tuition money is allocated,” an excerpt from a list of demands of the protestors reads. “Requests to see this information have been denied. How is it that OSU refuses to tell us where our money is going?”

Not everyone agrees with the protestors.

A parody Twitter account has sprung up making fun of the group and their demands, indicating that they are overreacting to the circumstances on campus:

After police reportedly refused to allow in food or legal representation to the protestors holed up in the President’s office on campus, students finally left after being threatened with academic sanctions.

It is unclear whether the protests will continue today.

This is a developing story. Stay with RISE NEWS as we learn more information. 

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Cover Photo Credit: United Students Against Sweatshops/ Facebook (Screengrab)

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