This Video Beautifully Shows How Much Tuscaloosa Has Come Back Since April 27th, 2011

For the people of Alabama, April 27, 2011 will be a day never forgotten.

252 people were killed in the state in one of the most violent tornado outbreaks in American history that peaked in intensity on April 27th.

The best known tornado from that outbreak struck Tuscaloosa and the suburbs of Birmingham killing 64 people in the process (including 6 University of Alabama students).

Entire neighborhoods were leveled and thousands of lives were changed forever.

In the five years since that fateful day, Tuscaloosa and the surrounding area have rebounded in a huge way.

This video compilation from Alabama based videographer Ben Smith does an incredible job of showing how the community came back. We thought that it is an important watch for today.

And it reminds us to never forget how great the human spirit can be in times of great tragedy.


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