What Would A Donald Trump Grad School Research Paper Look Like?

Donald Trump is the gift that keeps on giving to the funny folks scattered across the Interwebs.

And few have benefited from the rise of Trump more than the creative types that haunt Imgur, the viral photo sharing community.

An unnamed uploader to Imgur posted a hilarious projection of what a Donald Trump academic paper would look like.

Published in the made-up “Journal of Compete and Utter Nonsense Talking”, Trump University student Donald J. Trump’s detailed look at “a really great piece of research” is truly something to behold:

“We ran analyses. The best analyses, make no mistake, these analyses were absolutely top notch. And there were, of course, numbers and the best numbers. They really were. The numbers that is.”

Anyway, just check this thing out:



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Photo Credit: Imgur/ Screengrab.

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