Why Kylie Jenner’s Lip Kit Is Like LITERALLY So Cute

18 years old and ambitious, Kylie Jenner (yes, really) is making a name for herself in the cosmetic world.

After she confessed to the public that she got her lips filled, Jenner hasn’t let it stop her from creating a company out of it.

As much as people talked about her fake lips, they still wish they could look as good as hers; and that’s why her new business Kylie Cosmetics is skyrocketing in sales.

Every week she restocks a limited amount of lip kits on her website and they typically sell out within minutes.

All of her lip kits are reasonably priced (ranging from $15-$29) and the rush to get them while they’re still in stock creates a FOMO (fear of missing out).

It’s quite the sales tactic. Not only do people purchase these lip kits just because it’s Kylie Jenner, they purchase them because they’re actually really freaking good.

Apparently her lip kit lasts 11 hours throughout the day, that’s longer than your average lipstick/gloss.

There’s more; each individual lip kit has it’s own unique name for example, her new glosses are; Like, Literally, and So Cute…They are LIKE LITERALLY SO CUTE!

Kylie Jenner is really good at keeping her fans up to date on new releases, colors, and explaining on what she’s working on next.

I know exactly when Dolce K is in stock because I follow her on Snapchat and exactly how much time it took for it to sell out. If you’re really curious to know more, I haven’t bought her app, but there is a special app where she apparently leaks more information to her fans that people on Snapchat wouldn’t know. Again, this is an impressive business feat.

Being 18 years old with your own company can have it’s disadvantages, but in this case her advantage is she can relate to the people interested in her lip kits. The majority of people that are interested in buying her lip kits are her fans. When you’re a fan of someone you usually admire that person, and when fans want to buy Kylie’s lip kit it’s probably because they admire her look. Her lips are always perfectly plumped and colored to perfection so why wouldn’t you want her look?

She takes the time to connect with her fans., she does a really good job of getting them engaged and giving them the chance to understand the way she does her makeup, just in case you’re curious as to how her makeup is so flawless. I’m even guilty of watching “How to Do Your Makeup Like Kylie Jenner” tutorials on Youtube.

No matter how much you don’t want to become a fan girl it’s merely impossible when Kylie is absolutely killing it in every aspect.

Of course, not everything is perfect in Kylieworld. RadarOnline.com has reported that workers at the warehouse that make the lip kits have complained of poor working conditions. More reputable news organizations have yet to confirm those rumors however.

Anyway, Jenner just released her new Glosses video to promote her lip kit, that features girls that Kylie specifically chose through the realms of social media. Here it is:

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